Smart, trendy?!

Boys let me set the scene…

You’ve finally got the job- well done! All’s well in your life, the sun’s shining, your mum’s proud and you’re going out for a pint to celebrate… then you get the news from your employer telling you the dress code is “smart trendy”.

Dressing smart for work is easy and fairly consistent across the board; suit, polished shoes, tie etc. However when it comes to one’s interpretation of ‘trendy’  that’s when opinions will clash. First impressions are crucial when starting a new job, but how do you know if your suit with van’s ensemble is both smart and trendy enough for the judging eyes of your new employer?!

If you want my advice, here’s my do’s and don’ts for ‘smart trendy’:


Go for Desert shoes, a happy medium between pumps and loafers. All the cool kids are wearing them so it ticks the trendy box too.

Clarks £79

Clarks £79

Chino’s are a crowd pleaser, make them even more pleasing by getting them in a petrol blue colour to compliment your sand coloured Desert shoes.

ASOS £23

ASOS £23

Try a printed shirt, geometric or floral prints are big this SS13

Geotec Shirt, Ted Baker, £120

Geotec Shirt, Ted Baker, £120


The infamous jean’s and suit jacket combo. Even Justin Timerberlake couldn’t pull off this trend. The worst offenders are the ones who team this look with shiny black shoes or *grimaces* cowboy boots. You’ll end up looking like a Billy Ray Cyrus’ impersonator, which is great for a Karaoke bar, not so great for work.

T-shirt’s and ties, will only result in you looking like a teenager attempting to get into a ‘School Disco’ themed night club event. Don’t be fooled by this man’s happy persona, he is not happy. His boss has just fired him for dressing like a tool.



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