Style it like Solange

Solange made headlines again this week, but this time for all the right reasons. “Of course sometimes shit go down when it’s a billion dollars on an elevator” and whatever your opinion on what went down is, you can’t deny that she really did look a billion dollars at her New Orleans wedding.


Solange cycled her way to the venue in none other than a Stéphane Rolland jumpsuit before switching into a Humberto Leon for Kenzo gown for the ceremony. While her 1970s outfit choices were very on trend, she went against the trend when it came to guest attire as her wedding party all wore various shades of white. Despite this she still stood out as the star of show, even Sasha Fierce looked tame in comparison opting for a mid length Torn by Ronny Kobo Maggie Lasso diamonds dress.


Evoking Diana Ross, Solange looked regal as she swapped the traditional Bride’s veil for a cape. Engaged, single or happily married everyone should have a fling with Solange’s seventies style.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross

Get the look for less:


Le Photographe // LFW SS15


Tempted? Well that’s the idea, literally. Le Photographe’s inspiration stemmed from the bible’s ‘garden of temptation’.

The collection takes the rough with the smooth, combining embroidery with sleek shapes and tailoring.



With references to the 50’s by way of flared skirts and neck a chiefs but with an organic twist to bring it forward to 2015.



Christopher comments “The aim of our collection this season was to twist and extend the boundaries of wearable silhouettes, incorporating embroidery and fabric manipulation to bring a playful elegance to a new vision of the post modern wardrobe”

Think natural colours like raspberry, lemon and white combined with woven raffia emulating the twisted branches of the tree of life.


Kelli, a girl who used to spend her textile lessons in a twist is now director and founder of her own brand Wosh. Read on to see how a hobby to raise cash for a holiday turned into an unexpected career path…
What was the inspiration behind the name Wosh?

Picking a name was really tough actually despite not necessarily being a priority for me. It was more of a…got to call it something so I can actually start the thing!I wanted to name it something neutral, and as I use the process of acid wash to create my items, something to do with that seemed relevant!I changed the spelling to individualise it a bit and came up with Accidwosh shortened then to Wosh! It actually began as ASSIDWOSH, and after setting up a website etc…my boyfriend pointed out that he couldn’t see past the word ‘ASS’, so it had to be changed. haha.

Was it daunting starting your own brand?

Yeah. It’s something I’ve played around with a lot in the past, but it has always just been customising clothes for an Etsy account and things like that. It never really pushed forward to becoming a branded thing.  I think I held back a lot before for fear of failure. The idea that, it couldn’t fail because it wasn’t a real thing was definitely my safety net.This time I managed to get that extra push from somewhere and have decided to brand my creations, which yes, is a little more daunting for me.
If you had one piece of advice for budding designers/creatives/entrepreneurs what would it be?
Well, I see myself as all of the above things, but pieced together in an incredibly higgledy piggledy way. So I guess my advice to people starting out really is, if you’ve made something you are a creative and designer! If you have sold something you have created you are an entrepreneur! You don’t necessarily have to have done a business degree, or taken a textiles class. People will help  you along the way, and you will develop the skills and meet the people you need to become successful! Obviously this really is just advice from my point of view and the point of view of Wosh. Wosh is an independent, DIY label which really just began as a hobby and organically grew. There are no business degrees here!

Has this always been ‘the dream’?

Literally not at all!

I have extremely vivid memories of textiles lessons at school and constantly having to put my hand up because I’d got the sewing machine tangled for the 10th time.

I never for a second thought I’d start anything clothing related ever!

Any moments of doubt?

Yep! Ordering in stock with your last £10 comes with a lot of doubts! The doubts do weigh heavy, but it usually only takes a small positive streak to decide to close down those job hunting tabs again.

Who inspired you?

My boyfriend Max.

A few summers back me and him started doing tie dye together! Nothing professional or anything, just completely for fun! We really enjoyed it and ever since then we’ve sort of always done it. We’ve made tie dye T-shirts for our friends, and some to sell to help us go on holiday. We’ve done a few for various bands merchandise as well.

It was a thing we would make extra pocket money with here and there at the same time as having fun!

Sadly Max was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma which is a type of cancer. He’s doing really well, but it takes up a lot of both of our time and so keeping jobs is pretty much impossible at the moment.

This was really the push to start up some tie dyeing again! It became apparent that if I could make some money whilst working from home we would get the best of both worlds – income as well as the necessary time spent in hospital etc.  I made a few t-shirts to start with and it sort of snowballed from there. Very slow snowball, but there are slowly more and more products being made/stocked! Max helps out loads and is the motivational one of us for sure.

Who would be your ideal Wosh poster girl/boy?

I have a tight group of friends in both Leeds and Sheffield, all of who are frustratingly gorgeous! These ladies always let me take pics of them wearing my stuff, and honestly I don’t think I’d rather have anyone else! Shout out to all who have so far let me snap pics of you on our days out!

Favourite piece from the collection?

The Tie dye candles I think! They are such fun to make and each one is so interesting and different from the next! I’m going to experiment more with candle making too. I want to make a vegan soy range and maybe some jar candles too!

If you weren’t working in fashion, what else would you be doing?

I have been recently doing some arty workshops in schools and this is definitely something I would like to pursue further, probably along side Wosh! So yeah, something ‘schooly’ I guess! Kids being creative is so interesting!



Summer Highs

I’ve been a bit absent in the blogosphere recently; sunshine, holidays, new friends and special occasions seem to have distracted me recently. Yet some people have been using their summer in much more productive ways.

Laura, a fellow Warehouse veteran, is at the start of a very exciting adventure as she embarks upon her own clothing line: Trove. She hasn’t sacrificed her summer either, as well as getting engaged she also jetted off to Croatia and Paris. Then there’s Kelli, a friend from school, she’s always been a hip kid and her clothing line Wosh is coolness personified. She’s managed to do all this whilst at the same time raising money for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cause close to her heart.

These ladies have snapped me out of my summer haze and I will be interviewing both of these inspirational women in the near future so stay tuned. Hopefully their stories will in turn encourage you.

Laura Elizabeth Wood. Wearing Trove.

Laura Elizabeth Wood. Wearing Trove.


Kelli Foley

Kelli Foley



Ask Estelle // Harriet’s Helpline

Harriet asked:

“Hi Estelle

First of all can I just say that I love your blog!

So I’m getting married next summer, and I am just trying to get a feel for the general bridesmaid trends that are out there at the moment. The wedding ‘vibe’ is sort of festival-ly, nothing too posh.

Thanks in advance!”

Now many of you who know me personally will know that I have a vested interest in this particular ‘Ask Estelle’ since I have the honor of being one of Haz’s bridesmaids… so no pressure then!

This will be my fourth trip down the aisle as a bridesmaid, however my previous experiences won’t help us here unless you fancy dressing us all up in bonnets Harriet?

So I’ve turned to celebrity weddings for some inspiration. Now obviously the most talked about wedding this year has been Kimye’s, in which the bridesmaids wore white?!


I wouldn’t personally go for this, call me old fashioned but the bride should be the only one in white on her wedding day. However I love the cut of these dresses, my favorite feature being the ruched netting which has been wrapped over the base fabric. Muted tones are very in vogue right now, how about an off white colour, a beige, a greige or a pale pink?

Kourtney and Khole’s dresses are a bit too formal for a festival inspired do. So instead let us draw inspiration here from the wedding of OC creator Josh Schwartz and Jill Stonerock whose ceremony was a far cry from the Kardashian’s. Rachel Bilson collaborated with Brian Reyes to design these flowing, bohemian, beauties…


They have a relaxed rustic feel to them and the heather bouquet is the perfect complement to these Grecian green gowns.

Kimono’s are an essential when it comes to Festivals and why should your wedding be any different?! Here’s how the style translates into bridesmaid dresses…I think we can draw the line at wellies though…

Lace is always a classic, however this trend translates best onto dresses which end just below the knee.a2837f0dad3990def83c4cef646e2f6a

This serene simple dress is defiantly one of my favorites, minus the colour of course…

So there you have it, the bridesmaid dress options out there are endless, as long as you think outside the box. You’ll have noticed that I haven’t featured the likes of Debenhams or Coast aka the obvious choices. Now don’t get me wrong they’ll do the job and do the job well. However I’m guessing you’ve already looked there and haven’t found what you were looking for, hence why you’ve written in.

Clearly it’s important to get our dresses right (remember there’s seven of us and only one of you…) but in all seriousness it’s your dress that will be the focal point, not ours, so get thinking about that!





Ask Estelle // Cora’s Concern…

Cora asked: Estelle, I am forever doomed to struggle with finding a good pair of summery shoes (not sandals) – I want some cool, comfy shoes that I can wear in the day and night (no heels please). Can you help me?

Cora look I mean walk no further until your feet are firmly in these beauties…

Oh and did I mention they’re on sale!

These understated classic’s with their simple gold detailing are a perfect transitional day to night staple.

Want something a bit more racy? Then show some toe in these…

Or how about the peep toe? A happy balance between sandal and shoe. These laser cut, white beauts, hit two trends in one…

Sculpture in the Home // Pangolin London

On Friday Amy and I went to the preview of Sculpture in the Home courtesy of The Guardian.

It’s a dynamic exhibition celebrating not only beautiful British sculptures but also interior design by Amelia Mcneil, textiles and architecture. We were lucky enough to have a talk by the curator Polly Bielecka, where she told us how the exhibition had been given a modern makeover from its original post war state. It was amazing to hear all the ‘behind the scenes’ details. When you initially walk into the exhibition the first thing that hits you is its harmonious appearance, with each different medium of artwork complimenting the next. Listening to Polly delve into the secrets of curating really puts things into perspective especially with regards to just how much thought goes into creating such unity, giving a whole new level to the exhibition experience.

So if you can get yourself down to Pangolin London, you won’t be disappointed. The exhibition features works from Barbara Hepworth, Sanderson, Robert Day, Geoffrey Clarke and many more. And if you can’t, well here’s a few pics…











Bringing Sexy Back

Last season it was all about the shoulders, this S/S it’s all about the back.

I’m sure my good friend Rosie will agree, there’s something incredibly sexy yet understated about showing off a bit of back. Zara are also championing this idea as the bulk of their new Trf collection is full of seductively low cut backs in V’s, square’s and scoops.










*All photo’s have been taken from the Zara website




Don’t worry this isn’t a cry for help, today I’m talking distressed denim…

Here’s me last Sunday soaking up the sunshine at Regents park in my ripped H&M jeans.

Leather Jacket: Warehouse, Knit and Jeans: H&M, Necklace: Zara

Leather Jacket: Warehouse, Knit and Jeans: H&M, Necklace: Zara

Fancy ripping it up too? Then what about these…


Hannah’s Tulle Troubles // Ask Estelle

“Estelle! Please help! I have seen the most amazingly beautiful Tulle Skirt in this weeks copy of LOOK magazine. However, they give no mention as to where it is from or where I might be able to get my hands on my very own version of it.
I have a feeling they are going to be all the rage come spring and would love to be prepared for that first warm-enough day to wear one. The one I’ve seen is nude, to the knee with plenty of layers.
Instantly I thought of you … hope you can help?”

Of course I can help!

I saw it too and loved it, for those of you who haven’t here it is…


Very Parisian chic.

Valentino have a great range however if, like me, Valentino’s a little outside your price rang …how about this one from Coast?

Too much bling for your buck? Then try Vintage shops, markets or Ebay, I found some great bargains…

For those of you that love the look but want less fullness, then what about this sweeter than candyfloss skirt from Windsor?

And for those who, in contrast, want larger than life fullness simply add a slip…