Style it like Solange

Solange made headlines again this week, but this time for all the right reasons. “Of course sometimes shit go down when it’s a billion dollars on an elevator” and whatever your opinion on what went down is, you can’t deny that she really did look a billion dollars at her New Orleans wedding.


Solange cycled her way to the venue in none other than a Stéphane Rolland jumpsuit before switching into a Humberto Leon for Kenzo gown for the ceremony. While her 1970s outfit choices were very on trend, she went against the trend when it came to guest attire as her wedding party all wore various shades of white. Despite this she still stood out as the star of show, even Sasha Fierce looked tame in comparison opting for a mid length Torn by Ronny Kobo Maggie Lasso diamonds dress.


Evoking Diana Ross, Solange looked regal as she swapped the traditional Bride’s veil for a cape. Engaged, single or happily married everyone should have a fling with Solange’s seventies style.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross

Get the look for less:


Ask Estelle // Harriet’s Helpline

Harriet asked:

“Hi Estelle

First of all can I just say that I love your blog!

So I’m getting married next summer, and I am just trying to get a feel for the general bridesmaid trends that are out there at the moment. The wedding ‘vibe’ is sort of festival-ly, nothing too posh.

Thanks in advance!”

Now many of you who know me personally will know that I have a vested interest in this particular ‘Ask Estelle’ since I have the honor of being one of Haz’s bridesmaids… so no pressure then!

This will be my fourth trip down the aisle as a bridesmaid, however my previous experiences won’t help us here unless you fancy dressing us all up in bonnets Harriet?

So I’ve turned to celebrity weddings for some inspiration. Now obviously the most talked about wedding this year has been Kimye’s, in which the bridesmaids wore white?!


I wouldn’t personally go for this, call me old fashioned but the bride should be the only one in white on her wedding day. However I love the cut of these dresses, my favorite feature being the ruched netting which has been wrapped over the base fabric. Muted tones are very in vogue right now, how about an off white colour, a beige, a greige or a pale pink?

Kourtney and Khole’s dresses are a bit too formal for a festival inspired do. So instead let us draw inspiration here from the wedding of OC creator Josh Schwartz and Jill Stonerock whose ceremony was a far cry from the Kardashian’s. Rachel Bilson collaborated with Brian Reyes to design these flowing, bohemian, beauties…


They have a relaxed rustic feel to them and the heather bouquet is the perfect complement to these Grecian green gowns.

Kimono’s are an essential when it comes to Festivals and why should your wedding be any different?! Here’s how the style translates into bridesmaid dresses…I think we can draw the line at wellies though…

Lace is always a classic, however this trend translates best onto dresses which end just below the knee.a2837f0dad3990def83c4cef646e2f6a

This serene simple dress is defiantly one of my favorites, minus the colour of course…

So there you have it, the bridesmaid dress options out there are endless, as long as you think outside the box. You’ll have noticed that I haven’t featured the likes of Debenhams or Coast aka the obvious choices. Now don’t get me wrong they’ll do the job and do the job well. However I’m guessing you’ve already looked there and haven’t found what you were looking for, hence why you’ve written in.

Clearly it’s important to get our dresses right (remember there’s seven of us and only one of you…) but in all seriousness it’s your dress that will be the focal point, not ours, so get thinking about that!






Don’t worry this isn’t a cry for help, today I’m talking distressed denim…

Here’s me last Sunday soaking up the sunshine at Regents park in my ripped H&M jeans.

Leather Jacket: Warehouse, Knit and Jeans: H&M, Necklace: Zara

Leather Jacket: Warehouse, Knit and Jeans: H&M, Necklace: Zara

Fancy ripping it up too? Then what about these…


What Wendy Wore…

It wasn’t only Wendy’s words that were inspirational, her style was too.

photo (2)

Steal Wendy’s look with this from ASOS:

add these bright beauties:

Nikki Perforated Mirror Leather Lace-Up Oxfords £109.03

Nikki Perforated Mirror Leather Lace-Up Oxfords £109.03

And finish with a slick of red lipstick and top knot for a truly designer style…

And what do you wear when interviewing a such a fashion icon? Well what about this…

photo (3)

Cardigan and cami: Both Topshop

Tartan Trousers: River Island

Loafers and necklace: Both Zara

The Polo Neck

Ah the humble polo neck, normally associated with thin, arty, Andy Warhol types and feared by large bosomed women. But you don’t have to lead a visual art movement, or indeed become a pioneer of the personal computer revolution (aka Steve Jobs) in order to wear a polo neck. Buxom beauties needn’t fear either, the ample chested Marilyn Monroe could certainly pull off a polo neck with ease…


However AW13’s polo neck or if you like ‘high neck’, isn’t the slouchy relaxed polo of the past, it’s an all together more subtle affair. There’s no roll neck involved, instead it sits neatly in the middle, the perfect equidistance between collar-bone and chin…

Still not sure? (..Really?!) Well take a look at these beauties…


I came across this bundle of joy today from one of my favorite boutiques.

It would be the perfect answer to autumn.

Sadly now I’m all grown up and paying rent, £42 it’s a little out of my price range…however such minor issues will not stop me. I’m going to create my own version of this tartan shawl/fur collar combo at half the price. Watch this space!

Ask Estelle // Cora’s crisis

“I’m looking for the perfect summer sandal. I’m not going on holiday anywhere this summer so I want something that’s practical and comfy for walking around in the city, blisters are not a good look! I’m thinking black, white or tan as the majority of my clothes are so colourful, as you know. Can you help?”

Well I also know you love Zara, so what about these? They fit the simple look you’re after whilst also being an absolute bargain!

Zara £9.99

Zara £9.99

However my only concern is that you may get blisters as they are not 100% leather so what about these:

ASOS £22

ASOS £22

Even leather can rub though until you wear them in a bit, but with vintage the hard work’s done for you, just slip on and enjoy….

Bohemianrose vintage £22

Bohemianrose vintage