Style or Vile

Hands up if you’ve ever been in this scenario before…

You’re shopping, alone, you see a top/skirt/headband that you think you like but you’re not quite sure, the issue you have is that it’s a little out of your comfort zone, the sort of thing you’re Grandad might refer to it as “snazzy/jazzy” possibly followed by “are you wearing pajamas”. You’ve seen Cara Delevigne/Rihanna/Johnny Depp wearing something similar on a shoot/music video/red carpet and they look GREAT in it, but you’re not sure how it would look in your less glamorous life on the tube at rush hour…basically you think it could have the potential to wow but you need some reassurance or alternatively you just need someone to say NO that’s. just. weird.

This is a page for you guys to get make sure you always get it right- tweet me a photo or add a link to this page.

And then this is where you come in, my adoring readers to help myself and your fellow fashion followers decide whether it’s style or vile.


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