Fashitecture // Contemporary North Yorkshire Exhibition, Harrogate

Wow isn’t Harrogate posh?! You can really tell the wealth of a place by the pavement. No offence to my beloved University city – Liverpool, but it had pot holes and unadopted roads aplenty, worlds apart from Harrogate’s smooth (as GHD straightened hair) paving, it really was a lovely place.

I was in Harrogate to see the Contemporary North Yorkshire exhibition held by North Yorkshire Society of Architects at St Peter’s Church Gallery.The church was fantastic, a brilliant choice to hold an event which is celebrating current designs, a complimentary fusion of past and present. The exhibition photos also showed a selection of new additions to old buildings.

Let’s see what outfit fusions the Architects were wearing…

Ruth and Rachel

Ruth and Rachel

Ruth Donnelly (Doma Architects) is championing the bootcut jeans which are a really great cut, brilliant too if you’re sick of skinny jeans. Her waterfall leather jacket is from Sydney and her zebra print scarf is from Primark. Her favourite Architect is Sverre Fehn and her favourite clothing brand is Label Lab (HOF). You might recognise Rachel from the launch, she’s got her favourite M&S on again and some beautiful pearl earrings from Leeds market.

Emma Smetham

Emma Smetham

Emma teaches interior design and architecture at both Harrogate college and the HSAD. She’s gone for what I would describe as the Saint Ives’ look, I can just imagine her walking along the beach in this outfit from East and Gap.

Elizabeth Motley

Elizabeth Motley

This is Elizabeth from Integreat Plus or as I call her…mum. She’s pretty much head to toe in her favourite brand NOA NOA, apart from the bracelet which was a gift from New Zealand. I asked what she thought the parallels were between fashion and architecture:

“I believe both are equally meaningful and influential in respect to society and culture.  Fashion appears to change more quickly and whimsically but in many cases both industries reflect what is happening politically, culturally and economically at that time.  Fashion is probably more experimental in both design, materiality and colour – however, if you don’t wear something because it is unwearable then no-one is really harmed – a building which fails technically is another matter. Fashion can be created faster and thrown away faster.  Both architecture and fashion appear to follow cycles where ‘eras’ become repeated but re-interpreted – such as the Victorian neo classicism.  Both can be designed bespoke or ‘off the peg’.   Both require a real understanding of construction in 3D.”

Diane Pitchford

I noticed Diane’s shoes (The Shoe Tree) the minute she stepped in the door, they’re just fantastic! The shape is similar to the Victorian style but the vibrancy of the colours bring them right up to modern day.

Graham Boyce

Graham Boyce

I couldn’t have picked a better outfit myself, Graham (Seven Architecture) has nailed the ever challenging ‘smart-trendy‘ look with ease, combining Reiss trousers and Cos grandad collar shirt. His jacket is from China. I think his minimalist, sophisticated clothing style is also echoed in his favourite choice of Architect: John Pawson. He would also like to point out that he got his Belham Ross watch before it got popular. 

James Mate

James Mate

Last but by no means least, meet James Mate (Wildblood Macdonald & Vice Chair of NYSA). He’s wearing a jacket from Next, I love the elbow patch details! His jumper is from Spain, his shirt is Paul Smith,which is his favourite fashion brand. He looks effortlessly stylish mixing designer with high street. James’ favourite building in Yorkshire is the Whitby visitor centre. He finishes the look off with the most wanted accessory of the moment: the clipboard.


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