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Need advice on what to wear? Seen Kate Moss in the perfect leather jacket and want to know where she got it, or where you can get it for cheaper on the high street? Got a fabulous pair of new shoes and need something equally fabulous to go with them? Can you still get away with wearing last seasons ‘it’ dress? Need me to find you the perfect accessory? You’ve got the dress and the jacket but need to know how to complete the look…well I’m your girl!

Anyway enough of me asking all the questions this page is designed for you to ask me! Submit your style questions (and/or dramas) via the comment section and I will endeavor solve them, however big or small…


20 thoughts on “Ask Estelle

  1. Practical but flattering swimwear?…. I have recently booked a surfing holiday (having never been before!) with my boyfriend and a group of friends. I want to pull off the beach-babe/ surfer-chic look however l am also slightly concerned an unexpected wave might wash my bikini right off and I will end up looking more like a beached whale… So, any ideas of something that will stay on but not make me look like a granny at the seaside? High waisted swimming bottoms are a no no… just too trendy!

  2. Graduation Season…
    In just two short weeks I need to find a suitable outfit for my boyfriend’s graduation. My initial thought was a new dress – this being my usual go-to however, with an ever growing number of occasion dresses, perhaps I should venture into the trouser/maxi skirt trend. A couple of conditions; whatever I wear needs to be family/grandma friendly, and as it’s an all day event it needs to be comfy without compromising on style! Any advice?

  3. I’m looking for the perfect summer sandal. I’m not going on holiday anywhere this summer so I want something that’s practical and comfy for walking around in the city, blisters are not a good look! I’m thinking black, white or tan as the majority of my clothes are so colourful, as you know. Can you help?

  4. I’m having a bit of trouble with workwear this Autumn. All of my current work clothes are a bit too summery and as it has gotten much colder over the past week, I’m in need of some warm work gear. My office is quite casual so nothing too smart – Any suggestions?

  5. I’m going on a weekend break to Paris soon and I need your help! I’m after an outfit which is stylish, yet practical – obviously Paris is the fashion capital of the world but it’s also pretty cold at this time of year!

    Must be suitable for walking around the city (skirts will need to be windproof for climbing the Eiffel Tower…)

    Any suggestions?

  6. I’m having trouble finding a winter coat that’s suitable for the office and wearing to meetings, but one that also suits my style and I can wear out in the evenings. I really like the oversize suit jacket look, and am pretty tall so still want to get away with this look outside of my workplace. I don’t even know where to start… Any suggestions?

  7. Estelle! Please help! I have seen the most amazingly beautiful Tulle Skirt in this weeks copy of LOOK magazine. However, they give no mention as to where it is from or where I might be able to get my hands on my very own version of it.
    I have a feeling they are going to be all the rage come spring and would love to be prepared for that first warm-enough day to wear one. The one I’ve seen is nude, to the knee with plenty of layers.
    Instantly I thought of you … hope you can help?

  8. Estelle, I am forever doomed to struggle with finding a good pair of summery shoes (not sandals) – I want some cool, comfy shoes that I can wear in the day and night (no heels please). Can you help me?

  9. Hi Estelle

    First of all can I just say that I love your blog!

    So I’m getting married next summer, and I am just trying to get a feel for the general bridesmaid trends that are out there at the moment. The wedding ‘vibe’ is sort of festival-ly, nothing too posh.

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Hi Estelle!

    I’m having a shoe mare as usual – I’m so picky with shoes – we just don’t get on!

    I really want some good quality, comfy, stylish black boots (no heels/wedges) that are suitable for work and out of the office but I can’t find any that I like. I just ordered three pairs from ASOS and they all look awful on me! I’ve searched extensively on ASOS, Office, Topshop, Monki, Zara, and other stories and I’m so picky I can’t find anything I like. I don’t like ankle boots/shoes as they make my legs look fat and I don’t like long boots – tricky customer! HELP?

  11. Hi Estelle!
    I’m having trouble finding a nice coat for this winter. I’m a leather jacket, and hoodie kind of girl but I really wanted something smart that I can dress down with some flats/trainers. I would like something in a neutral colour; maybe Camel.
    I’m very slim and I struggle finding coats that fit me and accentuate the little curves I do have. Please help me.

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