Style it like Solange

Solange made headlines again this week, but this time for all the right reasons. “Of course sometimes shit go down when it’s a billion dollars on an elevator” and whatever your opinion on what went down is, you can’t deny that she really did look a billion dollars at her New Orleans wedding.


Solange cycled her way to the venue in none other than a Stéphane Rolland jumpsuit before switching into a Humberto Leon for Kenzo gown for the ceremony. While her 1970s outfit choices were very on trend, she went against the trend when it came to guest attire as her wedding party all wore various shades of white. Despite this she still stood out as the star of show, even Sasha Fierce looked tame in comparison opting for a mid length Torn by Ronny Kobo Maggie Lasso diamonds dress.


Evoking Diana Ross, Solange looked regal as she swapped the traditional Bride’s veil for a cape. Engaged, single or happily married everyone should have a fling with Solange’s seventies style.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross

Get the look for less:


What Wendy Wore…

It wasn’t only Wendy’s words that were inspirational, her style was too.

photo (2)

Steal Wendy’s look with this from ASOS:

add these bright beauties:

Nikki Perforated Mirror Leather Lace-Up Oxfords £109.03

Nikki Perforated Mirror Leather Lace-Up Oxfords £109.03

And finish with a slick of red lipstick and top knot for a truly designer style…

And what do you wear when interviewing a such a fashion icon? Well what about this…

photo (3)

Cardigan and cami: Both Topshop

Tartan Trousers: River Island

Loafers and necklace: Both Zara

Joggers to work?!

After a long hard day at the office the first thing I want to do is get into something soft and comfortable with an elasticated waist…don’t judge me I know you do it to. But what if you could be in post work comfort whilst actually at work, think it’s too good to be true? Then think again…

Ditch the grey marl sweats you’ve had since Uni and up-grade to these work appropriate joggers.

River Island £30

River Island £30

Topshop £35

Topshop £35

The Kooples £75

The Kooples £75

Birthday Blog

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days, it was birthday on Wednesday. Even though I look about 19, I know this because the checkout man was kind enough to point this fact out to me when he was serving me for alcohol a couple of weeks ago. His amazement on discovering my actual age, as opposed the 14yr old he must have thought I was, caused him to chant ‘baby face’ to me in front of a whole queue of customers. Anyway for all those in doubt I’m actually 24, 6 years post 18 and 6 years till I’m 30.

Anyway I had a lovely birthday, we went to Mud Crab on Ecclesall road. After a recent stint of bad restaurant experiences involving cold food and caterpillars. I’m happy to say that the food was top-notch, they even had my favourite: squid.

I also got some amazing presents…


The trousers (River Island) are from my brother, you might recognize them…they were the ones featured in my post ‘Inspired’. Top tip: blogs are a great way to hint at things you want. The shoes, a present from the parents, are from Zara


Emma (Hair Kandi) treated me to some bling-tastic Shellac nails!



The scarf (Bershka) is from the rents too- I think it’ll look great with my new teal River Island cami, together the colours will jump out at you. Charlotte sent me series’ one and two of ‘The hour’ a 1950’s drama centered around 3 journalists – get ready for some 50’s style fashion blog posts! The hand chain (New Look) also from my generous parents, will look great at a festival worn with my Urban Outfitters smock dress. The candle holder is a gift from my brilliant boss Anne, she calls me ‘E’, I call her ‘A’. The bonnie bunting is courtesy of my wifey- Cora (Cara and Rita eat your heart out). While the pandora charm is from my home girls Selina and Freyja, LOVE! Last but by no means least, my parcel packed full of Australian treats from Caitlin (miss you!) full to the brim with Tim Tams, sweets and chocolates! Looks like I’ll be needing more of those ‘hides all sins’ smocks at this rate…

This post is a sort of substitute for a thank-you letter…so THANKS everyone 🙂 You’re the best! xxx

Gone Shopping.

On Wednesday I will be the ripe old age of 24! With Birthdays come the night out and then of course you need to have something new to wear. Therefore I harassed Bean into going shopping with me. As I was dragging her round Topshop, we bumped into our friend Annie who was back from Bangor for the weekend. A happy coincidence – Sheffield is such a small world! We peeked into her shopping bag only to be dazzled by this little ray of sunshine…

Topshop £34

Topshop £34

“This is the only time in our lives we can get away with stuff like this” Annie told us. I love her philosophy. Also I think part of her was trying to reassure herself too, as most of us do when we treat ourselves…

I have been looking for a nice, floaty, silky cami for ages now and I found the perfect one in River Island for an astounding £12! That was full price as well! Now-a-days the standard price you pay for most tops is around the £30 mark. So as you can tell I am pretty pleased. I like simple elegant/classic pieces and then adorning them with statement jewellery, I am going to wear this top next Saturday for my Birthday night out with the new look necklace I recently bought. Don’t you just love it when  a plan comes together…



I realised today that I haven’t done a career update as late, so for all you that are interested this is where I am…

I have always loved writing, as soon as I could put pen to paper I wrote short stories, short stories that were usually centred around dinosaurs and cats. Moving into ‘pre-adolescenthood’ my friend Bean and I created our own magazine imaginatively entitled ‘mini-mag’ due to its physical size, (we thought we’d found a sought after gap in the market- we hadn’t). The magazine featured “interviews” with stars such as Dido and we sold it to our peers for the overpriced value of 5p per edition. Next I attempted novels on teenage romance and when that phase was over I found a creative love for script writing, focusing on the genres such as horror and serious drama. Meanwhile the less serious Bean created a parody of Harry Potter in which I was both guest editor and a central character. The character, also called Estelle, was in love with Malfoy, but sadly Malfoy was not interested…thanks Bean.

I’ve moved on from Malfoy and moved onto my new love blogging, when I started blogging it was just a way of expressing myself, a hobby if you like. However since meeting the amazing Johanna Payton (check her blog out and seeing what she has accomplished, I have realised that freelance writing/blogging/journalism can actually be a really rewarding career.

Now onto my other love- fashion…

Ever since the Meta Gala I have become obsessed with tartan trousers. They’d look great with a crisp white shirt and brogues for work, or dressed down with pumps and an oversized knit for play.

I have been scouting the internet looking for the perfect pair, here’s a wee selection of my findings.

Topshop £135

Topshop £135

River Island £30

River Island £30

Don’t worry boys I haven’t forgotten about you, quite the opposite – I’ve found you a whole suit! I think Monday mornings would be a whole lot more enjoyable if men came to work wearing this…

Jigsaw, Washed Linen Tartan suit, £360

Jigsaw, Washed Linen Tartan suit, £360

Weekend Style

I’ve spent the sunny bank holiday weekend in Manchester celebrating Harriet’s Birthday. I had a great time, all the girls (plus boyfriends) came up and we had lunch at Bem Brazil, which was lovely although I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much meat in my life, I even tried chickens heart…still not sure how I feel about that. Later on, after quite a few cocktails we went bowling at a place called All Star Lanes. Bowling when under the influence is fun but not very successful. I barely managed to hit anything whilst my friend Selina nearly broke her finger. Then we all headed to The Liars Club where we finished the night dancing and drinking Zombies.

So basically I just thought I’d do a quick blog post, while Ivor’s snoozing away his hangover, on some of the outfits of the weekend.


These beauty’s are Aine and Emily (friends of Harriet’s from uni). Aine’s playsuit is from Urban Outfitters, playsuits are perfect for petite girls, being 5 4″ myself I love a good playsuit and I think it’s one of the few items of clothing that actually look better on us ‘shorties’ than the model esq Amazonian queens of the catwalk. Emily is wearing one of the key looks of SS13 printed trousers, a trend popular with the likes of Olivia Palmero and Jessica Alba. I didn’t manage to get the shoes in the photo but she was wearing these stunners from River Island (I had serious shoe envy).


Here’s a me and the birthday girl- both still loving the statement necklaces!


The finally the less glamorous bowling shoes…


Purrfect prints…

I AM LOVING khaki and animal print together!

The other day at work Fiona (our very talented VM) dedicated a wall to that very theme, it looked amazing.

These are the photo’s from the mannequins I dressed to accompany it:

As Fiona is busying herself revamping the store in the morning, I help…and also probably hinder as I ask her thousands of questions, I’m just so interested in why things are put where, what the inspiration is behind the VM guidelines and asking her for top tips of the trade and so forth…(by the way if anyone reading this blog also has any top tips then please post and share your knowledge).

It is also really important to keep an eye on the competition, so after work I went round Meadowhall for a bit of snoop…

I was focusing on combinations of khaki and animal print, in River Island I was drawn to this combination:

shirt £35, fur collar £26

Instead of using animal print their animal essence come from a faux fur collar, I think it’s really interesting seeing how different brands interpret and put their own style on a trend. I also think the front dressing works really well here as it made me want to buy both items!

Some people are wary of animal print as they are scared of the Bet Lynch look, but it doesn’t have to be this way, check out this animal print scarf from Zara…

Animal print Scarf £19.99

The print here is subtle but effective, if you are on the cautious side with this trend then I would definitely advise sticking to accessories.

I am always getting compliments on my leopard print gloves from Warehouse:

Gloves £12

All in all I think this is a trend which can suit everyone, you just have to interpret the trend in a way which suits your personal brand…just like the shops do.