Ask Estelle // Harriet’s Helpline

Harriet asked:

“Hi Estelle

First of all can I just say that I love your blog!

So I’m getting married next summer, and I am just trying to get a feel for the general bridesmaid trends that are out there at the moment. The wedding ‘vibe’ is sort of festival-ly, nothing too posh.

Thanks in advance!”

Now many of you who know me personally will know that I have a vested interest in this particular ‘Ask Estelle’ since I have the honor of being one of Haz’s bridesmaids… so no pressure then!

This will be my fourth trip down the aisle as a bridesmaid, however my previous experiences won’t help us here unless you fancy dressing us all up in bonnets Harriet?

So I’ve turned to celebrity weddings for some inspiration. Now obviously the most talked about wedding this year has been Kimye’s, in which the bridesmaids wore white?!


I wouldn’t personally go for this, call me old fashioned but the bride should be the only one in white on her wedding day. However I love the cut of these dresses, my favorite feature being the ruched netting which has been wrapped over the base fabric. Muted tones are very in vogue right now, how about an off white colour, a beige, a greige or a pale pink?

Kourtney and Khole’s dresses are a bit too formal for a festival inspired do. So instead let us draw inspiration here from the wedding of OC creator Josh Schwartz and Jill Stonerock whose ceremony was a far cry from the Kardashian’s. Rachel Bilson collaborated with Brian Reyes to design these flowing, bohemian, beauties…


They have a relaxed rustic feel to them and the heather bouquet is the perfect complement to these Grecian green gowns.

Kimono’s are an essential when it comes to Festivals and why should your wedding be any different?! Here’s how the style translates into bridesmaid dresses…I think we can draw the line at wellies though…

Lace is always a classic, however this trend translates best onto dresses which end just below the knee.a2837f0dad3990def83c4cef646e2f6a

This serene simple dress is defiantly one of my favorites, minus the colour of course…

So there you have it, the bridesmaid dress options out there are endless, as long as you think outside the box. You’ll have noticed that I haven’t featured the likes of Debenhams or Coast aka the obvious choices. Now don’t get me wrong they’ll do the job and do the job well. However I’m guessing you’ve already looked there and haven’t found what you were looking for, hence why you’ve written in.

Clearly it’s important to get our dresses right (remember there’s seven of us and only one of you…) but in all seriousness it’s your dress that will be the focal point, not ours, so get thinking about that!






SS14 The Trends: Dazzel

All that glitters is not gold…it’s a Marc Jacobs dress with embellished cascading leaves.

Fan and Feather Sequin Guipure Dress

Fan and Feather Sequin Guipure Dress

Usually such adornment is strictly reserved to the winter months, but this season we see it take a fresh approach. Be blown away by blankets of beads covering crisp cotton pieces, or by sparkles sprinkled on sports luxe jackets.

So this SS14 when it comes to jewels, sequins and beads more is well, more.

Designers to inspire: Emilio Pucci, Nina Ricci, Marni

Where to shop the trend: House of Jam, Ted Baker…or do it yourself?!





Sunshine and Smocks

As the saying goes…long time no blog.

I just couldn’t bring myself to blog about lovely floaty summer smock dresses when I was trudging through 4 inches of snow. All’s well that ends well though, with the sun’s reappearance so too comes a new post…

Now close your eyes and try (really hard) to imagine a hot summer day and then imagine wearing this beauty of a dress…


ASOS Smock Dress in Woven

Your day just got better right? The colour is perfect. This burnt orange colour is hotter than it looks, add some blue and oatmeal accessories to cool it down.

Right let’s now imagine you’ve had a day looking for buried treasure in East London’s Brick Lane Market and now you’re off for some cocktails in Shoreditch. For any of you who have been to Shoreditch you will know just how tough the style competition is out there*…but you’ll be winning in this.


Cooperative Revere Collar Babydoll Dress

*For those who have never experienced Shoreditch see ‘Nathan Barley’ (Channel 4)