Le Photographe // LFW SS15


Tempted? Well that’s the idea, literally. Le Photographe’s inspiration stemmed from the bible’s ‘garden of temptation’.

The collection takes the rough with the smooth, combining embroidery with sleek shapes and tailoring.



With references to the 50’s by way of flared skirts and neck a chiefs but with an organic twist to bring it forward to 2015.



Christopher comments “The aim of our collection this season was to twist and extend the boundaries of wearable silhouettes, incorporating embroidery and fabric manipulation to bring a playful elegance to a new vision of the post modern wardrobe”

Think natural colours like raspberry, lemon and white combined with woven raffia emulating the twisted branches of the tree of life.


LFW AW14 // Ashley Isham

So I might be a couple of days behind on reporting on the accounts of London Fashion Week but better late than never as they say.

Yet again the lovely people of Pop PR sent me some sumptuous tickets to see the some upcoming names in the London fashion scene. One of which was the amazing Ashley Isham…

Tweed fabrics in asymmetric cuts, greys mixed with yellow and blue hues. Texture was key with embellishment and twisted rope detail..take note because you will be wearing this come A/W 2014.









V&A // Club to Catwalk

Taking advantage of Ivor’s Tate pass again, on Sunday we headed to the V&A to see the Club to Catwalk exhibition which focuses on London fashion during the 1980’s.

The eighties were a truly amazing era for British Fashion, quite topical too as London Fashion Week began in 1984. The exhibition features the experimental designers who dominated the decade (and continue to today), John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, Zandra Rhodes and so on. It also included designs from Betty Jackson and Wendy Dagworthy, as I studied their beautiful creations, Ivor casually informed me that he used to holiday with them when he was younger…needless to say I am currently pleading with him to get back in touch with them, what an amazing opportunity that would be!

The eighties club scene and fashion were one and the same, John Galliano famously said “Thursday and Friday at St Martin’s, the college was almost deserted. Everybody was at home working on their costumes for the weekend”. The clubs looked like catwalks and vice versa. Watching the video replays of 1980’s catwalk models dancing their way down the runway, contrast sharply with the monotonous parade of seriously straight faced models that dominate the catwalks of today.

New materials were one of the reasons for such experimental change which governed the era. Stevie Stewart and David Holah, the masterminds behind Bodymap, took full advantage of these new textiles and redefined pattern cutting, with form fitting knits and layers of stretch jersey.


In the early eighties Clubs like Taboo influenced the ‘High Camp’ look, think Boy George wearing John Galliano’s theatrical designs.


Later in the decade came the ‘Rave’ trend, inspired by Ibiza, which featured an amalgamation of peace signs, neon colours and slogan tees.


One of the quotes featured in the exhibition states that the eighties were a time when fashion was a new way to express oneself. If this is true then it was an exceptionally expressive decade.

Some Nice Advice…

I’m off to an event at LK Bennett tonight so just time for a quick post today.

At the Hellen Van Rees show I was “working the room” attempting to network with some highly fashionable/intimidating people. When I noticed this lovely chap sporting this fabulous jacket and even more fabulous mustache. On asking him where his jacket was from he replied “Zara, picked it up on the way here this morning”…at this point I knew he was important, only important people impulse buy Zara, the rest of us do Primark.


It turns out I was right, Tony is the Creative Director of the School of Media and Communication for London College of Fashion (wow what a mouthful).

After a brief chat, I asked him if he had any advice for someone wanting to make it in the business, he simply said “keep at it”. A beautiful, unpretentious piece of fuss free, honest advice. Thanks Tony, I will keep at it!



LFW // Ong-Oaj Pairam

Ever craved a bit of fashion with your lunch time sarnie?

For today’s lunch I was served a generous helping of the delicious Ong-Oaj Pairam’s collection.

The show was a mixture of checks, stripes, sheer fabrics, daisy’s, patent nudes and one shouldered dresses with nipped in waists…yummy!

Again I’m sorry about the poor photo’s – next year I WILL get a better camera!



photo (1)

photo (2)


photo (3)

LFW // The Catwalk

Another day another catwalk…

Foregoing yet another lie in (the life of a fashion blogger eh?) Sunday morning I headed back to Freemasons’ Hall for the Mercedes- Benz Kiev Fashion days SS14 Showcase. I managed to bag a seat on the second row…SROW? Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as FROW does it? SROW also doesn’t include goodie bags consisting of coconut water and Wasabi popcorn. But despite the lack of sleep, goodie bags and FROW status I had a blast!

The buzz in the room was electric, the lights dimmed and Ann Peebles’: ‘I can’t stand the rain’ erupted through the speakers – very tongue in cheek. Anna K’s collection came first, as the first model walked out everyone (minus FROW of course) stood up, elbows at the ready and snapped away.

I hadn’t quite got my timing right at this point (the photo’s get better I promise)


Anna’s collection, was romantic, pure and fresh with it’s shades of sheer white and frills. If William Wordsworth’s famous poem “I wandered lonely as a cloud” was a fashion collection, this could well be it.

After the big hats of Anton Belinkskiy, Lera Leshchova collection slinked its way down the catwalk in asymmetrically cut dresses, hues of nude and flashes of metallic.

Anton Belinkskiy

Anton Belinkskiy

Lera Leshchova

Lera Leshchova

Up next was Lia Sin, I tried to work out her brief. I decided she had asked herself: What would Maria (Sound of Music) have worn in 2014? The result – braces, pales colours and puff sleeves.


I was still humming ‘How to Solve a Problem like Maria’ when RCR Khomenko’s collection arrived. I loved it; playful but seriously cool. An amalgamation of peplum skirts in pillar box red, white and royal blue accompanied by oversized boxy jackets.



Yasya Minochikina collection drew the show to a close. It featured midnight blue metallics, high necklines, oversized sleeves and trimmings of neon.


LFW // Hellen Van Rees

Today I went to the Hellen Van Rees show at Freemasons Hall.



We were guided up the stairs and into a spot lit room full of flashing cameras, and handed a glass a wine, did I mention it was 11am?






I was even lucky enough to have a short interview with the designer herself.


Hellen graduated in 2012 from Central Saint Martins, and her designs have been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga no less!

The best advice she was ever given was by her tutor who told her to build on her strengths. This advice seems to have worked, as she went on to tell me that her collections are all one continuous journey. She works on the strengths of her previous collection whilst adding new inspiration and influences so that it evolves. She not only creates the designs but the fabric too, drawing heavily on Chanel tweeds. Her SS14 collection gives a nod to 1920/30’s Chanel with a futuristic twist.


Fashionstyleologer: The Launch


Last night I attended the launch of Fashionstyleologer, a book dedicated to London street style. The essence of the book is not to find people who are necessarily on trend but the creators went in search of people who have their own unique style. They were successful and the results were beautiful. Photos of 200 Fashionistas from all different nationalities, taken on over 100 different London roads.

As I hadn’t ever been to a book launch before I wasn’t sure what to expect, I had to come straight from work as well and although I’d come in my one of my ‘nice’ work outfits, I felt incredibly disheveled and under dressed compared to all the other glamorous attendees.
Red Carpet!

Red Carpet!

Talking of glamorous, meet one of the contributors of Fashionstyleologer- Iris, an Icelandic freelance photographer based in London.
Jump suit: Vintage

Jump suit: Vintage

Remember my post- Leopard Print- Are You Wild Enough? Well if that didn’t persuade you boys to embrace your inner tiger then surely Waqaas will. He looked fierce in a Topman leopard print shirt…

photo (2)

Just as I was leaving Asha’s beautifully adorned ankles caught my eye. At first glance I thought that they were part of the trousers but Asha revealed that they were in fact headbands from Zara. As a sucker for accessories and with a keen eye for details, I fell hook, line and sinker for this look. What a great idea!

photo (1)

A selection of works from the book are being displayed at Gallery Different till 14th September. Great if you need some ideas for what to wear for LFW!

Your Ticket to LFW

Yesterday my tickets for LFW arrived courtesy of Pop PR !!! Where I’ll be sampling the delights of Hellen Van Rees,  Lera Leshchova and Lia Sin

What pretty tickets!

What pretty tickets!

Not only that but I have been invited to Fashionstyleologer book launch & exhibition preview tomorrow evening.

Plus the only Monday blues I will be getting this week are those exhibited in the Charlotte Taylor collection as I attend her LFW week party in Chelsea.

Better get shopping for some impressive outfits!

But don’t worry if you can’t make it to LFW because I’ll be blogging on all said events so you can have LFW without worrying what to wear…



After seeing Aminaka Wilmont’s LFW catwalk collection (sadly on the internet rather than experiencing the real thing) I feel inspired, their SS13 collection brightened up my cold and miserable day and reminded me that Spring will come  eventually and with it their beautiful floral and mirror prints.

Image 1

Image 1 SS13

Florals are dangerously girly and cutesy at times but not here (see image 2), the look has been toughened up by the structure of the dress and it’s dominant stripes. The model adds to this with her punk-esq hair and tat’s.

Image 2

Image 2 SS13

 Their AW13 collection blurs these stripes  into geometric/abstract prints, the clothes are beautifully cut with a colour scheme of slate grey, black and white.  I particularly like how they breath new life to the old staple ‘the shirt dress’ they’ve played about with fabric and structure. Images top 1 & 4 offer relaxed and effortless style, while the dress (image 3) with its contrasting collar is glamorous and seductive.

Image 3 AW13

Image 3 AW13

207498 (1)

Image 4 AW13


I am always interested as to which models they’ve chosen and how they’ve styled them. The models used for SS collection are edgy and styled like ‘rebellious’ youth’s, it reminds me of the people featured in LA or Miami Ink or what some people call hipsters. In Contrast their AW models are predominantly Asian with futuristic style slicked back hair and heavy black eye make-up. What does this imply then? that it’s fashionable to be European this SS then more fashionable to be Asian next AW, for most of us that will be an impossibly hard trend to follow…

But don’t despair it is much more likely that this combination of cultures stems from the designers themselves Maki Aminaka Löfvander is from Japan while Marcus Wilmont is from Denmark.

Aminaka Wilmont’s collection is stocked at these UK stockists:

Net-a-porter.com UK
Csee, Surrey
Selfridges, Birmingham
Selfridges, London
Selfridges, Manchester