Poser Estelle // Paris problème de Amy

Amy asked Estelle:

“I’m going on a weekend break to Paris soon and I need your help! I’m after an outfit which is stylish, yet practical – obviously Paris is the fashion capital of the world but it’s also pretty cold at this time of year!

Must be suitable for walking around the city (skirts will need to be windproof for climbing the Eiffel Tower…)

Any suggestions?”

Bonjour Amy,

So you need something stylish yet substantial – well how about this outfit for Parisian chic…

Now you might think a Breton stripe top is too predictable but how about a skirt? Make it a pencil skirt like this one from Jaeger to avoid a Marilyn Monroe moment at the top of the Eiffel Tower…

Add thick tights for warmth and combine with a cropped jumper, try pale pink …

Or what about this one? Think French lace…oh la la

French dressing is all about being prim and polished, these shoes will finish the look off perfectly, accessories with red lips and nails…

Ayez un grand week-end Amy!


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