Estelle and the Amazing WineColour Dreamcoat

By accident I seem to have bought a colourful coat…

Now as most of you know, I’m quite a classic monochrome kinda girl who uses accessories to brighten up my look. I love colour on other people but never feel it’s quite me. Yet on Tuesday I had to return my beloved grey pea coat due to a fault. When I tried to exchange it they didn’t have any grey ones left in my size. Panic seized me, I loved the style and fit of the coat and I couldn’t be left coatless in the November chill. I  was faced with no other option that to check out the other colour alternatives: black or wine.

Now black was out of the question, I’d look like I was in mourning constantly as most of my trousers/boots and shoes are also black. So I apprehensively picked up the wine coloured version, looked nervously at Cora who smiled encouragingly back and I gingerly tried it on. When I looked at myself in the mirror I was smiling too, I loved it.

photo (1)

So to all you colourphobes like me, try something on that’s out of your comfort zone, you never know you might like it…


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