Wendy Dagworthy

Remember my blog post on the Club to Catwalk exhibition at the V&A?

Well (with a little help from the Colson family) I’ve managed to secure an interview with Wendy Dagworthy!!!!

From designer to mentor to teacher to professor, Wendy’s varied career path means she is the perfect candidate for an interview for this blog. I’m sure her experiences will provide inspiration for us all.

Before I called Wendy I did some research and thought about the what the interview agenda would be, just because my blog is not a professional publication doesn’t mean I have to come across as an amateur. Needless to say, I was incredibly nervous prior to the phone call but I soon realised I had nothing to be afraid of.

As I stumbled through my pre-written script (well you can never be too prepared can you?) she graciously accepted the interview without much persuasion. She was calming and kind and from our short 5 minute phone call I could already see why her students respect and admire her.

The interview’s scheduled for Friday 15th November and I need all the help I can get, so if anyone has any questions for Wendy I’d love to hear them….and I’m sure she would too!


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