LFW // The Catwalk

Another day another catwalk…

Foregoing yet another lie in (the life of a fashion blogger eh?) Sunday morning I headed back to Freemasons’ Hall for the Mercedes- Benz Kiev Fashion days SS14 Showcase. I managed to bag a seat on the second row…SROW? Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as FROW does it? SROW also doesn’t include goodie bags consisting of coconut water and Wasabi popcorn. But despite the lack of sleep, goodie bags and FROW status I had a blast!

The buzz in the room was electric, the lights dimmed and Ann Peebles’: ‘I can’t stand the rain’ erupted through the speakers – very tongue in cheek. Anna K’s collection came first, as the first model walked out everyone (minus FROW of course) stood up, elbows at the ready and snapped away.

I hadn’t quite got my timing right at this point (the photo’s get better I promise)


Anna’s collection, was romantic, pure and fresh with it’s shades of sheer white and frills. If William Wordsworth’s famous poem “I wandered lonely as a cloud” was a fashion collection, this could well be it.

After the big hats of Anton Belinkskiy, Lera Leshchova collection slinked its way down the catwalk in asymmetrically cut dresses, hues of nude and flashes of metallic.

Anton Belinkskiy

Anton Belinkskiy

Lera Leshchova

Lera Leshchova

Up next was Lia Sin, I tried to work out her brief. I decided she had asked herself: What would Maria (Sound of Music) have worn in 2014? The result – braces, pales colours and puff sleeves.


I was still humming ‘How to Solve a Problem like Maria’ when RCR Khomenko’s collection arrived. I loved it; playful but seriously cool. An amalgamation of peplum skirts in pillar box red, white and royal blue accompanied by oversized boxy jackets.



Yasya Minochikina collection drew the show to a close. It featured midnight blue metallics, high necklines, oversized sleeves and trimmings of neon.



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