A Week in Workwear // Monday

Meeting up with friends after work is just the sort of the release you need after a long hard day at the office. In Sheffield I’d usually go home and change after work however as London is ever so slightly larger, it means that I can’t just pop back home to change. Therefore I’ve had to rethink my working wardrobe to make it multi-functional. Suitable for both work and play. And so this week I am experimenting with new outfits…


The Brief: Work (which may possibly involve climbing ladders) then pub with the boyfriend.

photo (2)

Due to the potential physical aspect of yesterday’s work I went for a lose fitting preppy style Oxford shirt (Topshop) combined with my most favourite polka dot work trousers from Warehouse. And yes I was wearing polka dots long before that lady with a baby stepped out in that dress.

The snakeskin patent bag is from Warehouse, I’ve had it for years but rediscovered it when I was packing for the big move.

As it was a sunny day I went for tan sandals and daisy earrings (both Topshop…again). I loved the clean, crisp combination of the colours.

Post work, this outfit was laid back enough for the pub too, although I have to admit that I had to be extra careful as I sipped on my red wine…


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