Relocation, Relocation.

I am writing my very first post from my new home in Highbury (well technically this isn’t true, I’m writing this at my boyfriend’s in west London as we are still without internet…but you get my drift). This exciting news is also the reason why there have been little posts of late, for this I am sorry, but the good news is that now I’m in London the blog will be even bigger and better than before!

I feel completely lost without the internet, what on earth did our parents do ‘back in their day’?! So to pass the hours I’ve been watching The Hour…

The programme is based on the behind the scenes going on’s of the BBC, set in the 1950’s means the fashion is terribly sexy and sophisticated. Watching Bel, the producer, in her perfectly tailored skirt suits almost makes me wish I could have lived in the 50’s, but then I remember the sexism…

I say let’s bring back 50’s style and sex appeal without the negative connotations. I love this combo from Esty, plus you’ll be bang on trend in tartan for AW.




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