Ask Estelle // Hannah’s predicament

“Graduation Season…
In just two short weeks I need to find a suitable outfit for my boyfriend’s graduation. My initial thought was a new dress – this being my usual go-to however, with an ever growing number of occasion dresses, perhaps I should venture into the trouser/maxi skirt trend. A couple of conditions; whatever I wear needs to be family/grandma friendly, and as it’s an all day event it needs to be comfy without compromising on style! Any advice?”

Right so according to the weather forecast the whole of July’s a heat wave! So we need a stylish, grandma friendly, non dress, occasion wear outfit that’s going to make you look hot rather than feel it…easy!

Virgo Lounge is a great place to find some instant glamour. This front split skirt is so ss13, whilst the length keeps it family friendly.

Don’t fancy doing the splits then the other must have skirt this ss13 is the full midi skirt. Plus your grandma will be sure to approve of this one as she probably wore it first time round…

Want comfort? Then Palazzo pants are a great alternative, wear with a tailored blazer, a Topshop beekeeper hat and espadrilles…

Mango £34.99

Mango £34.99


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