Weekend Style

This weekend I went to Bristol for St Paul’s Carnival. It was a perfect weekend for it, with the weather mirroring the Carnival’s African and Caribbean roots. I stayed with Cora (one of my BFF’s) who lives right in the centre of it all and as we sat in her garden at 9am Saturday morning, the start of the festival was signaled by sounds of Bob Marley echoing through the streets accompanied by the aroma of Jerk chicken. Grabbing our red stripe and rum and ginger beer we headed out to watch the parade…



The Bristolian youths paraded round the streets in a uniform of cut off denim shorts and brightly coloured air maxes. Cora was a breath of fresh air in her outfit…



Top: Primark

Necklace: India

Skirt & Shoes: Topshop


Dress: Topshop

Necklace: New Look

Fay tried out Hula Hooping in a Topshop top accompanied by a skirt and jumper from a charity shop. Fay has a little sideline business of custom-made jewelry…the necklace she’s wearing is one of her own creations- LOVE!



We ended the night dancing to Red light and Joker who were playing at the carnival…









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