As it was the Fashion Monitor Journalism Awards last night I thought I’d draw up my own shortlist for ‘Fashion Blogger of the Year’…

And the nominations are:

Claire Reynolds – Jazzpad

I first discovered Claire’s blog when I sent a pitch off to Exposed magazine and saw that she writes for the style section. Sadly I never heard back about the pitch but I did find a new blog addition: Jazzpad.

Johanna Payton – Fashion Detective 

My mum told me I’d love Jo’s Fashion Detective blog, and well you know that saying “mum’s are always right”…it’s true. Having met Jo in the flesh I can truly say that she’s as witty and stylish as she is in her posts. Plus her Made in Chelsea posts are actually better than watching the programme!

India Boyle – Out with the new in with the old

I have only recently discovered this beauty of a blog but already I can tell it’s going to be a long term love affair. India’s writing style is as sophisticated as her taste in fashion, I still can’t believe she’s still at school!

Anyway, have a read and I’ll let you guys decide who the winner is…


One thought on “FMJA

  1. My fav in india’s blog – she’s got a unique writing style and I love her ethos of ‘out with the new and in with the old’.

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