Fashitecture // The Lego Challenge

Saturday morning I headed to the Lego store in Meadowhall to take part in the Lego challenge as part the Love Architecture festival.

The challenge: to build Nelson’s column out of Lego, the Architect went first and then it was our turn beat their time. Think it sounds easy…well it wasn’t, they set the precedent at 1 min 16 secs, I came nowhere close at 1 min 57 seconds…


Top: Zara

Luckily Architects Emily, Adam (Integreat Plus), Dan (Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson www.hcd.co.uk) and Martin (MAD Architects LLP) were on hand to help out…otherwise my time would have definitely been a lot worse!


Photo by Martin Rix of MAD Architects LLP

Photo by Martin Rix of MAD Architects LLP

The event was a great success, children (and parents) were queueing to take part (and then re-queueing to try and beat their previous times). The lucky winner would get to take home the leaning tower of Pisa from the Lego Architecture range. I think it’s a great way to encourage and recruit the future designers, architects and engineers of the future.

I spoke to Phil Armstrong who was at the store with his two boys Miles and Lloyd.

Shirt: TM Lewin

Shirt: TM Lewin

Phil is a huge fan of Lego, two nights a week he encourages his children’s creativity by constructing buildings out of Lego. Teaching them that if they use the power of their imaginations they can create reality, in the form of physical Lego structures. Phil leads by example, he assembles a Lego building and then the boys recreate it. Infact they are halfway through building an entire city of of Lego, with a Lego replica of their real house in the centre of it all!

This is Wayne from the Lego store attempting to beat the Architect..I was more interested in his Lego watch though!

Photo by Martin Rix of MAD Architects LLP

Photo by Martin Rix of MAD Architects LLP

One thing I did notice is that the youth of today are definitely a lot more fashionable than back it my day. My 10 year old self in my casper leggings and Reebok hoodie would have been very embarrassed standing next to the stylish Sophie Pearman in her denim skater dress with lace detail and her on trend flower headband, even my 24 year old self had style envy!



(Please note all photo’s were taken with parents consent and signed consent forms)


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