Hidden Treasure


I am serious market fanatic, I can easily spend hours meandering round looking at all the original and home-made artifacts, breathing in the sensuous smells of exotic food or simply just watching the street entertainment which fills the spaces in-between the stalls. My favourites (to name a few) include; Brick lane, Portobello and Columbia flower market. Ivor knowing this thought he’d show me what Shepherds Bush market had to offer, however he chose the rainiest day to do so. As the heavens opened Ivor took my hand and guided me to a sheltered part of the market. Most of the market so far had reminded me of Eastender’s Walford Market but then he took me to what he poetically described as ‘a sick shoe shop’. He was right, hidden away amongst the stalls of granny pants and “Channel” (get it?) tops, was Global Sports. The main treasure was their heritage line which consisted of tapestry tees and jumpers made from authentic heritage prints. Take a look…

Kulthoom Paisley - Red/Gold/Black £85

Kulthoom Paisley – Red/Gold/Black £85

White Lovell - T-Shirt (White) - Cream/Rose/Green £40

White Lovell – T-Shirt (White) – Cream/Rose/Green £40

Black Grantham Jacket - Marsim Paisley £150

Black Grantham Jacket – Marsim Paisley £150


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