Weekend Style

When the rain finally stopped on Saturday evening, Ivor and I headed out to Notting Hill. Probably not the cheapest place to go, especially as we were suppose to be having a quiet, inexpensive weekend. As we bypassed and dismissed some rather posh looking restaurants which were filled with glamorous people eating glamorous food like oysters and lobsters, we made excuses to each other like “it wasn’t our scene” or “the plates were too square”. In an effort to make us feel like we were making a conscious decision not to go there, rather than our bank balances dictating our every move. Eventually we came to a lovely little Italian called Pomodorino with dishes under £10 and round plates! The decor was clean and fresh, the best way to describe it, is ‘art gallery come restaurant’. I had tortelloni, Ivor had pepperoni pizza.



Ivor wore the staple of any boys wardrobe, jeans and T-shirt and he wore it well. Going for a plain t-shirt and neutral tones, creating a timeless look.

T-shirt and Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Ralph Lauren

T-shirt and Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Ralph Lauren


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