This morning the lovely people at Integreat Plus ( gave my blog a much needed style revamp! Thanks to Emma and Adam my blog now looks the business and talking of business they even designed me some business cards (photo’s coming soon).

By studying other people’s blogs I already had an idea of how I wanted the layout to look.However I hadn’t decided on what visual design to use until I arrived at the office…subconsciously and somewhat fittingly I seem to have been inspired by todays outfit.


Leather jacket: Warehouse, T-shirt: French Connection, scarf: Zara, sandals: Topshop, jeans: Urban Outfitters

Adam also incorporated this look into my twitter account, as I use my twitter for professional purposes the visual link between the two should create a strong brand. The business cards also follow the same idea.

I have created a style gallery tab at the top of the page, the gallery will be a place for me to exhibit some the photos from my ‘Weekend Style’ posts. I am also thinking about creating a tab called ‘Wish List’ where I will put the top rated items of clothing I feature.

So what do you think of the new look?!


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