Ready, Set, Go

As you have probably noticed I’m a massive fan of accessories but in the early hours of the morning sometimes I simply don’t have time/can barely coordinate myself to pick out the right earrings or necklace to go with my outfit. Resulting in feeling incomplete without those sparkling finishing touches for the rest of the day, but guys don’t worry I’ve found a solution to my ‘first world’ problem…

No need for a necklace with these tops…

Miss Selfridge £15

Miss Selfridge £15

Saint Tropez £47.95 (available at

Saint Tropez £47.95 (available at

Or who needs bracelets when you’re wearing this (as seen on Lucy of Made in Chelsea fame)

Zara £25.99

Zara £25.99

This one even comes with an inbuilt belt…sorted!

ASOS £32

ASOS £32

Freyja shows us just how it’s done in her Topshop jumper…

photo (1)

See I just added 5 minutes onto your lie in…


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