That Friday Feeling

It’s been a such a lovely sunny week, sadly most of us have been at work. And I need more sympathy than most working in a basement hidden away from all natural light and fresh air. But hey it’s Friday and come 4pm I will be heading to the nearest available beer garden and stubbornly staying there until every last ounce of sunshine has disappeared. I need to get my weekly fill in one evening.

It’s not all fun and games though, trying to decide on an outfit that will be suitable for work, pub and sun at 6am in the morning is not cool. I ended up going for a turquoise Zara cardigan, smart in style whilst summary in colour.

The only way to solve situations like this happening again is to go shopping…

This shirt would be perfect with chino’s and ballet pumps

Zara £29.99

Zara £29.99

What about this shirt dress with a white blazer…

GAP £39.95

GAP £39.95

Or go all out in this…

Oasis: Trousers £45, Jacket £70

Oasis: Trousers £45, Jacket £70


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