NTU Graduate Fashion Show: Fashion Product // Part 1

Today I will be looking at the Fashion Product side.

These collections did not feature on the catwalk, not cause they weren’t good enough (FYI they were AMAZING) but they were divided due to the two sub-sections of the course. the Fashion Design students work flaunted its way down the catwalk, while the Fashion Product collections stood their ground, proudly in the entrance. Although the catwalk is fun, vibrant and quintessentially “Fashion”. The choice to have your products stationery is in-fact a very clever move. Those collections were the first and last thing people saw (and by people I’m talking about the ones that really matter: talent scouts).They certainly made an impression in my mind…

Here’s Gina Pearce’s collection:



On questioning Gina on her inspiration for her collection:Elytra, she said that she’d always liked butterfly prints but wanted something fresh, so she went for something different and original: beetles.  Personally, my favourite outfit was the one-third on the right, it’s so crisp and bright. I love how’s she’s not only been inspired by the beetle image but also she’s cleverly incorporated the texture and iridescent look of the insects, choosing fabrics which catch the light.

Emma and Gine Pearce

Emma and Gina Pearce


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