NTU Graduate Fashion Show: Fashion Design // Part 1

Last Thursday, Emma invited me along to Nottingham Trent University’s Fashion Design and Production cat walk show and exhibition. Those putting on the show were final year students, but by no means was it amateur. For those of you whose dissertation is still a painful memory of long hours, squares eyes and repetitive strain injury in most, if not all, fingers. Then spare a thought for the pin pricked fingers, sleepy eyes, and hours spent glued to a sewing machine of these students who made a whole catwalk collection and then still have one more project to complete before they graduate! What’s more is that not only did they make these incredible collections, including designing and printing the fabrics they used, they had to raise the money for the catwalk show which was over £30,000! I imagine a few over-drafts went into obliteration. These are seriously committed individuals, serious about what they do and serious about achieving their designer dreams!

As Emma predicted, this fashion show has provided plenty of material for the blog. The talent of these students cannot be rushed through in one blog post. Therefore, over the next few posts I am going to show you what, in my opinion, were the most interesting pieces.

(Unfortuantly I was sat at the side of the catwalk so on some photo’s you may have to use your fashion eye to imagine what the outfit looked like in its entirety.)

This is Franze Loa’s collection:




These next two photo’s were taken from the look book which was a collaboration between the fashion and photography students…team building at it’s finest.

Photography by J Pearson and A Dixon.

photo (7)

photo (6)

The delicacy of this collection is what catches your eye initially, whilst the intricacy and suggestive element of the sheer material retain your intrigue. For me this collection is an amalgamation of designers such as Bottega Veneta, Dior,Vera Wang, Valentino and Chloe, yet at the same time it is something which seems fresh and alluring, like the first sunny day in spring.


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