The best cure for a hangover is sunshine and fresh air. So on Sunday, we all headed into the peak district.  We went to a lovely little pub called The Strines Inn. The surrounding views are something out of a Bronte novel and the peacocks, which wander freely about the place, only add to the beauty.


We then went to ‘Our Cow Molly’ a local dairy farm which produces the most incredible ice cream! I had an Affrogato, don’t worry I didn’t know what it was until I had one either. It’s a scoop of ice cream (I went for snickers flavour) with a shot of coffee served in a dish. We then had a little wander round the farm looking at the baby calves. London boy, Ivor, had never seen so much greenery.

 The lovely sunny weather meant I could finally wear my new TK Maxx top and Topshop sandals…


photo 6

Ivor bought me this lovely watch from American Apparel for my birthday, my brothers watch, also featured, is the Accurist one I bought him for his birthday.


My mother wore a pretty tea dress from Zara which she has customised by adding length to the hem. The satchel, which I’ve got my eye on, is from Joy. My mum is a strong believer in skin protection, as children my brother and I could often be mistook on the beach for snow men due to the heavy application of sun cream by our doting mother.Although I’m sure we’ll thank her later. Advocating this belief she wears a vintage Laura Ashley sun hat.  


Get my mum’s look with this dress from

Rose Printed Wraparound Tea Dress by Gabrielle Parker Clothing and Accessories £46

Rose Printed Wraparound Tea Dress
by Gabrielle Parker Clothing and Accessories

Rowan wears a vintage shirt from Cow, and shades from H&M. While Ivor (who was being grumpy and refusing to have any more photo’s taken) goes for a red checked shirt from French Connection and H&M pale jeans.  

photo 3

photo 5


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