Birthday Blog

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days, it was birthday on Wednesday. Even though I look about 19, I know this because the checkout man was kind enough to point this fact out to me when he was serving me for alcohol a couple of weeks ago. His amazement on discovering my actual age, as opposed the 14yr old he must have thought I was, caused him to chant ‘baby face’ to me in front of a whole queue of customers. Anyway for all those in doubt I’m actually 24, 6 years post 18 and 6 years till I’m 30.

Anyway I had a lovely birthday, we went to Mud Crab on Ecclesall road. After a recent stint of bad restaurant experiences involving cold food and caterpillars. I’m happy to say that the food was top-notch, they even had my favourite: squid.

I also got some amazing presents…


The trousers (River Island) are from my brother, you might recognize them…they were the ones featured in my post ‘Inspired’. Top tip: blogs are a great way to hint at things you want. The shoes, a present from the parents, are from Zara


Emma (Hair Kandi) treated me to some bling-tastic Shellac nails!



The scarf (Bershka) is from the rents too- I think it’ll look great with my new teal River Island cami, together the colours will jump out at you. Charlotte sent me series’ one and two of ‘The hour’ a 1950’s drama centered around 3 journalists – get ready for some 50’s style fashion blog posts! The hand chain (New Look) also from my generous parents, will look great at a festival worn with my Urban Outfitters smock dress. The candle holder is a gift from my brilliant boss Anne, she calls me ‘E’, I call her ‘A’. The bonnie bunting is courtesy of my wifey- Cora (Cara and Rita eat your heart out). While the pandora charm is from my home girls Selina and Freyja, LOVE! Last but by no means least, my parcel packed full of Australian treats from Caitlin (miss you!) full to the brim with Tim Tams, sweets and chocolates! Looks like I’ll be needing more of those ‘hides all sins’ smocks at this rate…

This post is a sort of substitute for a thank-you letter…so THANKS everyone 🙂 You’re the best! xxx


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