Food for Thought

We’ve all heard the phrase “A woman’s place is in the kitchen”…I’m grimacing even as I write the words. However while I’m at work, bringing home the bacon, it’s the men in my family who will be found in the kitchen cooking it. Now I’d never call my family normal, but from my experiences and others that I have spoken to, it is fast becoming the norm. While my mum can most definitely cook, I wouldn’t say she particularly enjoys doing it, as for myself, my level of cooking hasn’t progressed since I learnt how to make a bread and butter pudding in year 9. I’m just not into it, whereas my father and brother have a genuine love for all things culinary. While my dad is obsessing about the new kitchen we’re getting, my brother will be glued to Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals. Unlike women, the kitchen is not a place of subordination, for men it is seen as progressive place. Perhaps the modern woman is making her stand against years of subordination? Maybe men have a better relationship with food than us? Whatever the reason, I’m happy with the shift, it gives me more time to do what I love -blog.

Still I should probably learn to cook at some point…

Anyway seeing as you boys are too busy in the kitchen to shop I’d thought I’d do the hard work for you..go on buy yourself something pretty.

Gone Retro £18

Gone Retro £18

Harper Lewis Vintage, £34.99

Harper Lewis Vintage, £34.99

Art Disco, £40

Art Disco, £40


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