Gone Shopping.

On Wednesday I will be the ripe old age of 24! With Birthdays come the night out and then of course you need to have something new to wear. Therefore I harassed Bean into going shopping with me. As I was dragging her round Topshop, we bumped into our friend Annie who was back from Bangor for the weekend. A happy coincidence – Sheffield is such a small world! We peeked into her shopping bag only to be dazzled by this little ray of sunshine…

Topshop £34

Topshop £34

“This is the only time in our lives we can get away with stuff like this” Annie told us. I love her philosophy. Also I think part of her was trying to reassure herself too, as most of us do when we treat ourselves…

I have been looking for a nice, floaty, silky cami for ages now and I found the perfect one in River Island for an astounding £12! That was full price as well! Now-a-days the standard price you pay for most tops is around the £30 mark. So as you can tell I am pretty pleased. I like simple elegant/classic pieces and then adorning them with statement jewellery, I am going to wear this top next Saturday for my Birthday night out with the new look necklace I recently bought. Don’t you just love it when  a plan comes together…



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