Wanting Millie but ending up with Geri…story of my life.

So the Made in Chelsea cast won a Bafta on Sunday and they’re definitely winning on the style front too. Caggie (of series 1-3) was my absolute favourite, my friend Vicky and I often woke up and asked ourselves ‘What would Caggie wear?’ before carefully choosing our outfits for the day (we were joking…sort of). But in Caggie’s absence it’s now all about Millie- check out her style diary: http://millie-mackintosh.com/style-diary she’s so hot! Rosie also has her own style diary… I’m undecided about it. Her poses are odd and her clothes don’t seem quite right on her but I’ll let you make up your own mind up about that: http://atfashionforte.com/

While I was at university I decided I wanted Millie’s hair (who doesn’t?!). I took in a photo of her to show the hairdresser the exact colour I wanted. Two hours later and I was crying in the salon after he revealed, what can only be described as, Geri Halliwell hair circa 1997. Understandably I refused to leave until he tried again. In the end I had to go back 2 more times until I got what I actually wanted. I’ve moved on from Millie’s hair now, turning my attention to less irreversible aspects of her style: jewellery. On nearly every recent picture in her style diary she’s wearing this gorgeous necklace from New Look £6.99 (which I treated myself to on Sunday).



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