I realised today that I haven’t done a career update as late, so for all you that are interested this is where I am…

I have always loved writing, as soon as I could put pen to paper I wrote short stories, short stories that were usually centred around dinosaurs and cats. Moving into ‘pre-adolescenthood’ my friend Bean and I created our own magazine imaginatively entitled ‘mini-mag’ due to its physical size, (we thought we’d found a sought after gap in the market- we hadn’t). The magazine featured “interviews” with stars such as Dido and we sold it to our peers for the overpriced value of 5p per edition. Next I attempted novels on teenage romance and when that phase was over I found a creative love for script writing, focusing on the genres such as horror and serious drama. Meanwhile the less serious Bean created a parody of Harry Potter in which I was both guest editor and a central character. The character, also called Estelle, was in love with Malfoy, but sadly Malfoy was not interested…thanks Bean.

I’ve moved on from Malfoy and moved onto my new love blogging, when I started blogging it was just a way of expressing myself, a hobby if you like. However since meeting the amazing Johanna Payton (check her blog out and seeing what she has accomplished, I have realised that freelance writing/blogging/journalism can actually be a really rewarding career.

Now onto my other love- fashion…

Ever since the Meta Gala I have become obsessed with tartan trousers. They’d look great with a crisp white shirt and brogues for work, or dressed down with pumps and an oversized knit for play.

I have been scouting the internet looking for the perfect pair, here’s a wee selection of my findings.

Topshop £135

Topshop £135

River Island £30

River Island £30

Don’t worry boys I haven’t forgotten about you, quite the opposite – I’ve found you a whole suit! I think Monday mornings would be a whole lot more enjoyable if men came to work wearing this…

Jigsaw, Washed Linen Tartan suit, £360

Jigsaw, Washed Linen Tartan suit, £360


One thought on “Inspired

  1. I use to like poetry, then I moved to stage writing, then script writing, now I’m focusing on novels. No matter what kind of writing we do, we just have to keep on writing!

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