Saintly Shopping

I had my first yoga experience this morning, can’t say I’m into all that chanting and sun worshipping though. The last 15 minutes of the class consisted of lying in the corpse pose whilst we supposedly “felt” the oxygen travelling through our bodies-I could have just stayed in bed if I wanted to do that…but hey you’ve got to try these things once.

I then met up with my lovely girls, we lunched at Relish and then wandered along Ecclesall road on a charity shop treasure hunt. For me there are certain rules when Charity shop shopping. The first is: make sure you are not in a rush, rummaging takes time and nothing is in order- it’s not Topshop where you are guided around the shop via neon signs. Secondly go with friends, you may think you want the top cause it’s £2.50 but your friends will tell you otherwise. On the other hand they could even give you the courage to buy something you wouldn’t usually go for. Thirdly don’t be put off by the smell – clothes can be washed.

As long as you follow those three simple rules you could come away with some real gems,  here are a few we found…

Marie Curie

Amy wears Marie Curie Bomber Jacket

Brooke and neon jumper. Marie Curie

Brooke and neon jumper. Marie Curie

RiRi style dress, Marie Curie

RiRi style dress, Marie Curie

Zara dress, Age UK

Zara dress, Age UK

Bracelet, Cancer Research

Bracelet, Cancer Research

All items were under £5 each! Cheap clothes whilst supporting great causes, plus a more enjoyable way to do your bit than running a marathon…


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