She parties with Jay Gatsby

As promised today’s blog is all about how to wear the 1920’s trend (for her). I’m not talking fancy dress I talking how to realistically channel the trend in subtle and up-to-date ways.

The flapper dress, the iconic dress of the 1920’s, it’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of that decade. It summarises the glamour of the jazz age…but how does it look in 2013?

Topshop £160

Topshop £160

Black is big this summer (Vogue said so) this would look perfect for a summer’s evening cocktail party, team with a delicate hand harness. then simply close your eyes and imagine you’re Daisy (Carrie Mulligan) kissing Jay Gatsby ( *swoon* Leonardo Dicaprio).

Boohoo £8

Boohoo £8

Now many of you, myself included, who may not have the straight svelte body on which the 1920’s silhouette is based on, may prefer to get their 1920’s fix through the medium of accessories. Try these for size…

Beta Fashion £40

Beta Fashion £40

What about this scarf from Beta Fashion tied neatly in a hair band style with the excess draping elegantly over one shoulder? Or what about this clutch from Accessorize, embellishment was extremely popular in the twenties.

Accessorize £15

Accessorize £15

Continuing with the 1920’s themed week, tomorrow I will be looking at twenties trends for men…


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