Swimwear: weird or wonderful?

Inspiration for my blog often come from my nearest and dearest, today’s blog is in response to my friend Selina (or as we lovingly call her: Bean).

Bean has a killer hourglass figure and lovely limbs, but each of us has our hang ups and for her it’s her stomach. Now there’s not much chance of hiding one’s stomach on a beach, or is there…

High waist retro/vintage bikini £35 Bugsypants

High waist retro/vintage bikini £35 Bugsypants

These 50’s pin-up style high-waisted bikini bottoms, will cover your tum, smooths those hips and accentuates your waist. Resulting in an hourglass figure to rival Scarlett Johansson’s. So why don’t we see this trend flocking beaches everywhere?

For some it may seem a bit adventurous perhaps, considered to be only appropriate for those truly vintage among us. I think it may also have something with most men’s reaction to fashion. I’ve found that most males tend to be nervous around highly fashionable (or as they refer to it “weird”) items of clothing. Most girls feel self-conscious enough as it is in a bikini without her man adding to that with comments like “why are those pants so big..they look weird”. Then again when you answer his question with “to hide my enormous stomach” that confused look will re-appear on his face, truth is he’ll probably think your stomach is perfect. Boys are difficult but endearing creatures…

So boys and girls what do think… a must have or must not?!


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