Weekend Style

I’ve spent the sunny bank holiday weekend in Manchester celebrating Harriet’s Birthday. I had a great time, all the girls (plus boyfriends) came up and we had lunch at Bem Brazil, which was lovely although I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much meat in my life, I even tried chickens heart…still not sure how I feel about that. Later on, after quite a few cocktails we went bowling at a place called All Star Lanes. Bowling when under the influence is fun but not very successful. I barely managed to hit anything whilst my friend Selina nearly broke her finger. Then we all headed to The Liars Club where we finished the night dancing and drinking Zombies.

So basically I just thought I’d do a quick blog post, while Ivor’s snoozing away his hangover, on some of the outfits of the weekend.


These beauty’s are Aine and Emily (friends of Harriet’s from uni). Aine’s playsuit is from Urban Outfitters, playsuits are perfect for petite girls, being 5 4″ myself I love a good playsuit and I think it’s one of the few items of clothing that actually look better on us ‘shorties’ than the model esq Amazonian queens of the catwalk. Emily is wearing one of the key looks of SS13 printed trousers, a trend popular with the likes of Olivia Palmero and Jessica Alba. I didn’t manage to get the shoes in the photo but she was wearing these stunners from River Island (I had serious shoe envy).


Here’s a me and the birthday girl- both still loving the statement necklaces!


The finally the less glamorous bowling shoes…



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