The Premier.

Yesterday it was the NY Premier of the Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby.

The stars retained the elegance and style of their fictional counterparts. Carey Mulligan (apologies for my previous blog posts where I’ve been spelling her name as Carrie…) certainly was the leading lady of the night in her red Lanvin Dress.

The tailored seams of the dress remind me of an art deco inspired skyscraper, giving Carey a statuesque and elegant look. Plus red is always brilliant on blondes.

The boys looked equally as hot, both Leo and Tobey Maguire opted for well-tailored petrol blue suits and ties combined with crisp white shirts.


There has been some concerns over the film, adapting such a famous novel is always hazardous as everyone who has read the book will have their own idea, image and interpretation of the story and characters. Some Fitzgerald fans are worried that Luhrmann will concentrate too much on elaborate and extravagant costumes and settings rather than the real beauty; the storyline. Which is said to be: America coming into its own. For me personally, however, I believe that the films should not be judged on their novel counterparts. Reading is a very personal thing, cinematic adaptation is a shared experience. It will not take away from the novel, but it will be a different way to enjoy the characters and story. That’s just my experience and that’s why I always read the book first so I can make my own mind up before being influenced by the characters on-screen.

But let me know what you think?!


One thought on “The Premier.

  1. Started reading Great Gatsby so I can do just that! Hopefully will finish before the end of the weekend. If only we saw boys dressed up like this more often… yum.

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