He parties with Jay Gatsby

Now it’s your turn boys, time to smarten up!

The roaring twenties were a time of post war indulgence, whilst the women sparkled in their sequins, men dazzled in their suits. Still to this day who doesn’t love a man in a suit?!

Ted Baker have even brought out a suit called ‘The Gatsby’!

Ted Baker (Blazer) £299

Ted Baker (Blazer) £299

Maybe a suit is a tad formal for most parties these days so how about instead getting your Jay Gatz fix with the help of these shoes:

H by Hudson £95

H by Hudson £95

Brogues have stood the test of time, for this season choose pale colours, turn up those Chino’s and make sure your socks contrast!

Here’s a fun fact (I’m aware I am edging towards sounding like a teacher right now but bear with me) the trousers; Oxford Bags, were made popular by the prohibition at Oxford university of the wearing of knickerbockers. The students wore the baggy styled trousers as it enabled them to wear their knickerbockers underneath. Those rebellious Oxford boys eh! See I told you it was fun…


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