Denim Daze

“Remember it’s Jean’s and T-shirt day tomorrow” Pat’s parting words as he got off the bus from work this evening. This is not as exciting as it sounds, it’s more for practicality than anything else due to the fact that we are dealing with deliveries all day tomorrow. However it got me thinking…

Denim is always in and rather than coming from the catwalks it is inspired from street style. Skinny jeans have lasted the test of time, coming into fashion around 2005/6 (as far as I can remember) and becoming popular with the masses after Topshop launched the infamous Baxter jean. I had a dark blue pair when I was 15 which I wore at every possible opportunity. This was a serious commitment which involved washing and drying them in an evening or occasionally ironing them dry in the morning just so I didn’t have to miss a days wear. Another favourite of mine were a pair a Levi’s which I (accidentally) made into (very) short shorts whilst experiencing my ‘customising clothes’ faze at University…which started and ended with these shorts.


Now-a-days I tend to wear Urban Outfitters BDG Black ankle cigarette jeans, religiously folded up at the bottom. I love BDG jeans as they come in every possible size and length. WARNING: never wash them with anything else that isn’t completely black though unless you want a new maroon coloured wardrobe.  However as Denim is set to be big this SS I will be investing in a more summery pair of jeans, I’m particularly drawn to the style of boyfriend jeans especially these ones from ASOS:

ASOS Brady Slim Boyfriend Jeans in Bleach Wash £38

ASOS Brady Slim Boyfriend Jeans in Bleach Wash £38

I have visions of wearing them on a hot summers day with brown leather sandals and a relaxed white t but I’ve also seen people sporting this style with eighties style stilettos which looks equally as great! The fact that they’re slim boyfriend jeans means that it won’t swamp my short frame as usually baggier styles tend to looks better the taller you get.

Denim of course isn’t restricted to your bottoms, a denim jacket will go nicely with one of the biggest trends of SS: the smock dress, which I will be discussing in my next blog. Stay tuned or smock out….


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