Goodbye Warehouse

Today is my last day as a Warehouse employee. It’s been a short and sweet journey and I’m purely leaving for financial reasons, after all I hope one day to actually move out of my parents house…

It was a tough decision to make, I will miss the fast paced and ever-changing world of the shop floor.  I initially believed that going back into retail would help me on quest to achieve my career dream of working in a fashion head office role. However after countless rejection emails I have decided to change my tactics and work on developing my admin/reception and clerical skills by temping to see if that helps me in my ambitions.

I have decided to try to find another way in and that’s by getting into a company via a receptionist role (which is where my temping experience will come in use) and then working sideways. For example once I’m in a company, I can then apply internally for any merchandiser or buyer roles which may arise and hopefully stand a better chance than an external candidate would.

As usual I’ve been getting ahead of myself and I’ve already started looking at work-wear…

Simon Brock does beautiful leather shoulder bags that would be perfect for the office, all his goods are beautifully hand-made and inspired by the English arts and crafts movement…check out his website:

I also love this dress from Hobbs…but obviously I’d have to buy this little number after I get my paycheck.

Coco Dress £169

Coco Dress £169


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