This is my attempt at the WordPress writing challenge: The devils in the details.


There’s usually a fire on when I get home from work. Dad takes particular enjoyment in this, I would possibly go as far to say as you could call it his hobby. This hobby however, is not simply resigned to the chilly winter months as one would expect. On the contrary he makes the enjoyment last a whole year by beginning to collect fire logs as early as June. Yet Possibly the most amusing thing is that he will then point at the fire and say “Look I’ve made a fire”, as if I wouldn’t notice unless he subtly points it out to me. At this point, Candy our monochrome cat,  who is usually curled up in a circle in front of the fire,  looks up at me and gives me a knowing look.  He (yes he’s male and called Candy) will then swiftly drift back to sleep and begin his gentle cat snoring again. Thus this is how my evenings begin…

As a general rule it’s never to early for Pajama’s, even when I finish work at midday, when I enter the house the pajama’s are on. Therefore after the obligatory congratulations to my father on his fine fire, I race up to my bedroom in the attic. My favourite pajama combination consists of a very flattering combination of boys grey joggers and my boyfriends, slightly lighter grey, school jumper. One day when I’m famous fashion blogger and when they interview me and ask the reasoning behind my choice of blogging outfit I will tell them how I like the irony of fashion blogging whilst wearing the least on vogue outfit I have. But truthfully I like the comfort.

I then  fetch my laptop down and position myself on the purple sofa closest to the fire. Dad will probably call me a “scrag mare” at this point and usually I would protest, but in this outfit he has a fair point. The laptop makes a very loud buzzing sound, but is barely audible against the sound of the Welsh lady who presents the one show, although I’m still not sure  which one is preferable  I check my emails, they’re mostly from ‘money saving sites’ offering brilliant deals on really useful items such as car eyelashes. I don’t have a car. I still wouldn’t want them even if I did have a car. The other type of email I get is usually a response to one of the thousands of jobs I have applied for. I always pause just before I open it, hovering my finger above the mouse pad, hoping that this might be my chance, but alas it never is. I sigh, the disappointment lapses. That’s when I start my blog…


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