The Recessionista

I started University around the same time that the recession started. At the time everyone told me it was the best time to be at University and they were probably right, however I naively assumed that the “end” of recession would coincide with the end of my degree. This obviously did not pan out and the effect on is that hundreds of graduates today now apply for the same position and if ‘I were a betting woman’ I’d say those odds weren’t great.

My current job’s contract is 20 hours per week, some weeks I get more hours, some I don’t. Not that I’m moaning I know that having any kind of job in this economic climate is good going. I could also go and get another job with more hours, for example, in a call center but it’s not the career path I want to go into so for now I will put up with being skint as I know that in the future my persistence and drive will see me through.

Being skint has it’s pro’s and as they say every experience is a learning experience! Living as a student for 4 years and with my financial situation barely improving since I’ve graduated means I am an expert bargain shopper ( and I don’t mean just continually resorting to primark). For NYE this year I’m going to Liverpool, and naturally I wanted a new outfit to wear. Warehouse have got loads of mark-downs on party dresses but they were just a little too dressy for the night I’m going to, so I headed to the web.

The internet is a brilliant way to browse for a bargain and a relaxed way to compare many different options, as opposed to panic buying at 4:55pm when the shops are closing. Another tip is magazines, apps or websites which offer money off, for example LOOK magazine had a voucher for 25% off Warehouse the other day and an app called Vouchercodes has daily offers like 40% off Body shop or 25% off Newlook. Instead of heading straight to Topshop, try going to these places which have discounts first, you may even find a new favorite shop!

Boohoo is an internet clothing site which offers style for less, it was on there that I found this playsuit:

Sienna monochrome wrap front belted playsuit £25

Sienna monochrome wrap front belted playsuit £25

This playsuit echoes the monochrome prints of Celine, Balmain and Micheal Kors. Accessorizing with neon nails and bright jewels will make the outfit go POP. Even at full price, no discounts applied, it is still half the price of a Topshop playsuit. They even had discounted shipping (just enter free1 at the checkout).


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