Baby it’s cold outside…

The party season is upon us. I am surrounded everyday by beautiful party dresses but unfortunately for me I have no occasions in which to wear them to. A girl can dream though… so here are a couple of my favorites from Warehouse:

Devore burn out bodycon dress £50

Devore burn out bodycon dress £50

This dress can also be worn so that the V is at the back.

Purple wrap asymmetric dress £60

Purple wrap asymmetric dress £60

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by customers is: “I don’t want to spoil this dress by putting on my casual coat but it’s just so cold outside-what would you wear with this dress?” So I have tried to come up with a few solutions to help you ladies stay warm whilst looking glam.

First things fur (get it?) A fur coat (fake of course) makes any outfit glam. It’s the perfect accessory for your party dress this season, see Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor for inspiration.

Here’s one of my favorites of the season from Topshop:

Tinsel faux fur coat £89

Tinsel faux fur coat £89

Another fabric that epitomises A/W is velvet and a velvet jacket is perfect if you want something that’s more streamline than a fur coat. I love this one from Zara:

Velvet biker jacket with embroidered pearls £139

Velvet biker jacket with embroidered pearls £139

So ladies please don’t spoil that beautiful party dress with a parka this season, keep it glam. If you pick the right outer wear then you’ll find that it actually enhances your outfit rather than being simply a practicality.


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