Seeing red

I’m slightly obsessed with claret red at the moment…even to the point where I am desperately trying to get my boyfriend, Ivor, to wear it. Being part Indian he’s got that lovely olively skin tone that would look delicious with red, needless to say I don’t think he appreciates being dragged into shops while I point out everything in claret red and try to make him try it on…

Talking of  Ivor, I’m on the hunt for his Christmas present and surprise surprise I’ve been looking at claret red chunky knits. I’ve seen this one in Zara…

Crimson fitted sweater £39.99

I’ve also had my eye on this one from ASOS:

Twisted yarn jumper £35

He loves the colour purple, a colour which I’ve never been that big on but seeing as relationships are all about compromise and all that…then this is a compromise as it combines both our beloved colours…yeah?

Basically I need your help guys! If you’ve seen a jumpers that make you want to cuddle any boy who wears them, then please let me know!

With regards to my ‘purrfect prints’ post here’s a picture of me, interpreting the trend my way, I put on my old urban outfitters festival jacket and updated/transformed it by pinning on my mum’s fur collar (thanks mum by the way)

please note that obsession with claret red even determines my choice of drink….


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