As my manager briefed the team, she asked us if any of us had any idea’s of how to raise some money for breast cancer awareness. We’d had a breast cancer day at work a couple of weeks ago but we had not raised as much money as we initially hoped for so my manager wanted a simple and short-term solution to make up those extra pounds…

I love challenges such as this, especially when you have to think creatively in order to solve it. My head was buzzing with ideas as I started my shift. After considering a few options I went to my deputy manager who was in charge that night and proposed a ‘guess the name’ challenge, involving getting a teddy and people paying to guess the correct name of it. She liked the idea, so I went off to find a cheap teddy. As I was walking around the shops however, the teddies in my budget were pretty unappealing. I walked past Build a bear work shop and looked longingly at their beautiful teddies…so I took a chance and went in and asked them if they would donate a bear for charity, luckily for me they happily obliged gave us a beautiful pink teddy!

I then wrote a little blurb explaining what we were trying to do and who we were trying to raise money for, to sit next to the bear on the cash desk, I decided that the person who guessed the name correctly would win not only the bear but a personal styling session in store, which I thought that my manager would like as it would also bring money into the shop. So I think I made everyone happy, my manager and the team as we didn’t have to resort to doing a sponsored run in the rain to raise the money… So go on guess the name?!


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