Purrfect prints…

I AM LOVING khaki and animal print together!

The other day at work Fiona (our very talented VM) dedicated a wall to that very theme, it looked amazing.

These are the photo’s from the mannequins I dressed to accompany it:

As Fiona is busying herself revamping the store in the morning, I help…and also probably hinder as I ask her thousands of questions, I’m just so interested in why things are put where, what the inspiration is behind the VM guidelines and asking her for top tips of the trade and so forth…(by the way if anyone reading this blog also has any top tips then please post and share your knowledge).

It is also really important to keep an eye on the competition, so after work I went round Meadowhall for a bit of snoop…

I was focusing on combinations of khaki and animal print, in River Island I was drawn to this combination:

shirt £35, fur collar £26

Instead of using animal print their animal essence come from a faux fur collar, I think it’s really interesting seeing how different brands interpret and put their own style on a trend. I also think the front dressing works really well here as it made me want to buy both items!

Some people are wary of animal print as they are scared of the Bet Lynch look, but it doesn’t have to be this way, check out this animal print scarf from Zara…

Animal print Scarf £19.99

The print here is subtle but effective, if you are on the cautious side with this trend then I would definitely advise sticking to accessories.

I am always getting compliments on my leopard print gloves from Warehouse:

Gloves £12

All in all I think this is a trend which can suit everyone, you just have to interpret the trend in a way which suits your personal brand…just like the shops do.


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