View from my window…

On Thursday the Warehouse Christmas windows were launched ! The theme was studs, a major A/W 12 trend with a colour scheme of black and silver. My manager Lisa hung a backdrop of studs with the help of Jess, it was a fiddly job but looked amazing once they’d finished and I dressed the mannequins.


My favourite part of my job is definitely Visual Merchandising and it’s a lot more technical than you might think. When you walk into a shop, the layout has been carefully deliberated into specific zones to draw you in, with destination and priority areas, even how many items are on a rail is specially formulated to enhance your shopping experience! I’m always amazed how many more of an item we sell when we move it from the back of a shop to a facing rail at the front! I always find it rewarding when I dress a mannequin or torso and a customer buys the exact outfit, even down to accessories that I’ve chosen.

When we first launch a window it’s important to follow the VM guidelines, the windows will be dressed from the same theme and the theme will be located at the front of the shop so that: you see, you buy. However after a few days, we may re-think the windows once we’ve looked at the sales. If a dress in the same theme is selling particularly well then we might pop it in the window or if the weathers particularly chilly we’ll add a jacket to the mannequins…

I went to the University of Liverpool and while I was there I noticed how different the style of the Liverpool girls were in contrast to my fellow Yorkshire lasses. Every city has its own style and this means that the same dress in the window of Warehouse may not sell as well universally. Therefore each shop will have a certain amount of leeway to style their mannequins to their own individual city’s style.

So there you have it, a very brief low down on VM…if you are interested in going into this field then have look at the December issue of Red magazine for an inspiring interview with Liberty’s head of Visual identity Maxine Groucutt, on  how she got to be where she is today- I especially like the part where she said her initial interest in the job came after meeting the display manager at Warehouse!

And if you haven’t been to Liberty’s department store in London- GET YOURSELF DOWN THERE! It’s a unique experience, being part department store, part gallery and part emporium.


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