Updating my profile…and my coat

I am squared eyed today after spending the day engrossed in the world of social media. I have created a linkedIn profile, inspired by my friend Hannah who got a great job after being spotted on there and I would strongly advise any recent graduates to also sign up! I then also joined the world of twitter, it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now  “#behindthetimes”  even my parents were on there before me!

After all my hard work I then indulged myself with some online shopping, well browsing, as it’s not payday until tomorrow…

I’m on the hunt for a new winter coat, I’ve had the same Topshop grey double-breasted one for the duration of my University life and we’ve shared some good times but now that I’ve graduated I think that it’s time for my coat to as well…a new coat for a new chapter!

After hours of careful consideration I’ve managed to shortlist three of my favourites:

Warehouse coat £110

I love this coat, it’s so soft and glamorous and it’s from my very Warehouse!

Topshop Military Coat £89

I love this Alexander McQueen inspired coat, especially the colour!

Miss Selfridge Parka £89

Now this coat appeals to my practical side as it has a hood, I also love the PU sleeves which gives it a great A/W 12 update.


3 thoughts on “Updating my profile…and my coat

  1. I do love a fur collar as you know but I think the last one is the best and a good shape, but might not be warm enough. Helpful as always….

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